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Here are some more survey questions about the BK survey. If you have any constructive comments please post them in the comments section with the location of the BK visited.  Burger King is headquartered Miami-Dade County and can be reached by mail at:  5505 Blue Lagoon Drive Miami, Florida 33126 or by phone 305-378-3000.  Use the BK Store Locator to find a BURGER KING restaurant in your area.

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  1. Sherry Whitworth says:

    Love going to Burger King. My favorite is the Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

  2. loretta rogers says:

    I visit your store #4416 at 16511 havard, cleveland, ohio i have been there several times but this not a good visit this time first i was over charged once i bought it to the manager attention she acted as though i was wrong. all this could have been avoided had she been focused on what i was saying instead she was more concern about the customer in front of me getting married an her friend new baby an where they out side. what upset me the most was it was a manager that was on the register ringing my order so then who do you complain to. I would have canceled my order but my husband an I had just came back from a appointment an was hungry.I just feel that with out us the customers what would happen to the business. There was on APOLOGY “i rung up 2 combo”s
    instead of 1 but had you been paying attention in the first place this would not have happen then she was mumbling under her breath poor customer service then the food was wrong too boot i wanted chez on the whopper no chez on the fish i got it backwards the brownie in the ice cream was hard as a brick my husband took his fish back . times are hard no one can afford to give away

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