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Recently visited Burger King?  Looking to take advantage of that promo offer found on your receipt.  Take the My Burger King Customer Survey online to do just that.  Do not throw away the receipt as it will be needed to take the survey and redeem the promo offer!  MyBKExperience is available in English, Spanish and French and should only take 5 to 10 minutes to complete.  At the end of the survey the customer will be presented with a promotional code.  Please write this code down on your Burger King customer receipt.  Next time you stop in Burger King present that receipt to take advantage of the offer provided.  The survey will ask a few standard run of the mill questions.  Your answers will be kept private and will help improve future visits to Burger King.  Your information will never be sold or released to any third parties.

www.MyBKExperience.com is powered by the Service Management Group.  You will have to provide the date of visit, the time of visit and the location of the Burger King in which your meal took place.  Please provide honest feedback.  If you had a bad experience please do not be afraid to tell them so.

Burger King is a popular fast food restaurant known for its “Whopper”.  A better burger can only be found at McDonald’s and it goes by the name of the Big Mac.  BK has locations through out the world and are headquatred in Miami, FL.  They can be found on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol BKC.   The company began in 1953.


www.MyBKExperience.com is very easy to navigate and is pop up free.  If you have any questions or concerns with the My Burger King Customer Survey please contact Burger King or the Service Management Group.  BK Corporate Headquarters can be reached at 305-378-3000 or by mail at 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive – Miami, Florida 33126.  The Service Management Group can be reached toll free at 800-764-0439 or by mail at 1737 McGee Street,Kansas City, MO 64108.



  1. donald ryder says:

    always eat at burger king

  2. fred jenkins says:

    I have tried to eat the new chef burger at bk #14541 apple glen blvd fort wayne, IN 3 times and each time i was given raw burgers and the last time i went inside and the people took for ever over 25 minuetes to get my order its sad

  3. I took the BK survey in good faith and revisited to claim my free sandwich. The small fries and small soda were $3.68, far more than I usually spend on an ice tea, chicken sandwich and side salad. This was no benefit to me at all.

    The music in BK is horribly loud. Just a very unpleasant experience to have rap music blasting at me like that; I am trying to have a little lunch and read for a few minutes and I don’t want loud, unpleasant music in my ears during that time. I asked another guest if she liked it and she said “definitely not.” I wonder why BK management would do this. At the counter it is not heard due to the equipment there and also I have the feeling they don’t have speakers. But in the seating area there is no place to go to escape it. What miserable music they have, and way, way too loud.

  4. On november 11,2011 I visited the buger king in norcross on indian trail #7621 at 6:19pm. My cashiers name was Keyonnia, she was very polite with excellent customer service. I ordered the Chef Burger combo for the first time. The burger was to my surprise very good, my food was fresh made too perfection! Good job to all those workers in that establishment! Miss Honey

  5. I went in to the burger king on chef hwy in NOLA on 11/12/2011. I went in to replace a previous order that one mgr said i wouldnt have a problem replacing.Well,for starters the mgr Savyra(may be spelled wrong) was at the counter talking to another employee when we walked in and proceeded with their conversation and used vulgar language as if we were not there.She later ask can she help me and I explained why I was there and informed me with an attitude that she cant “give” me anything for free and i should come when the mgr(karen) was in. That would have been fine if she would have been professional about it.I left upset and immediate called and asked her if she could give me a num to speak with someone over her and guess what? we had a 7min shouting match over the phone.WHO DOES THIS? I want be returning to that location ever. I would love some one to contact me A.S.A.P.

  6. i recently visited burger king store #6368 in mesa, az. part of my order was a bk big fish, the fish was horribly overcooked and tasted terrible. i was given a new one and it was cooked the same, i asked about it and was told thats how they are cooked. i told her i have eaten fish sandwiches at quite a few b.k. restaurants and have never had a bad one. she told me there was nothing else she could do for me. i will never be back!

  7. I revisited today, first time since my previous post here. The music, while down just a notch, is still terribly loud. I think the food is ok, I have no complaints regarding that or the employees, who are generally nice. But I’ve asked before for them to turn the music down and have been refused, so I am trained now – don’t ask. Instead, today I made videos and posted them on YouTube under “BURGER KING SURVEY – BADDEST MUSIC IN THE WHOLE DAMN TOWN” so if in doubt, look at it and chime in if you wish. Of course, music selection is very subjective and by individual preference. What I’d choose might not be what the 25-year old sitting at another table might choose. Which causes me to wonder even more — why would BK force any type of loud PA music on the public? Do they just want us to get the food and leave the place? This choice of music is ok if at a low, low volume. I wouldn’t like it, but probably would not voice complaints. But when it is in your face as this is, I just have to wonder.

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